Sunday, April 22, 2007

Disneyland Updates

A lot of ground to cover today, so hang on folks and make sure you have your morning beverage of choice ready, cause it’s going to be a long one! The post is starting out with a vintage (July 1970) Submarine Voyage photo, followed by some pics showing the progress on the Nemo Submarine Voyage. Plenty of activity was occurring behind the barricades, including the Submarines in motion, “deep-sea” divers, construction folk, and some AA crabs/seagulls.

You can see the rest of my Nemo Sub photos on my website. Over on the Rivers of America, there is even more activity, as Tom Sawyer’s Island draws nearer to its May 24 due date for completion of phase 1. A new Pirate Crow’s Nest has been erected next to Harper’s Mill, and what appears to be the back of a marooned Pirate Ship is getting framed on the island. The rafts are providing transportation for the construction crew between the island and dry land. Sadly, the moose in the river is now in need of a little makeover as well.

For more Tom Sawyer Island/Pirate’s Lair construction photos, visit my website. California Adventure is also seeing some construction work, as the Midway Mania ride continues to slowly take shape.

I also found the sign that was in Friday’s post, and can say that 50 years later, it’s still looking pretty good. As as Walterworld said, it is over by the currently unused Fantasyland Skyway Station. You’ll note that the Skyway designation is no longer hanging there.

For more vintage & current Disneyland photos, visit my regular website.


Major Pepperidge said...

I've heard the name "Midway Mania", but I have no idea what kind of attraction it will be.

The subs look great, I'm sure there's still plenty of work to be done in the caverns.

What the hell, can't they do something as simple as fix that moose's antler?

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Major - Midway Mania is going to be a "next generation" dark ride. Similar in some ways to the Buzz Lightyear attractions - but more interactive and (apparently) based on some new 3D techology.

There is even potential for the games to be changed out or updated easily since (supposedly) much of what you will be seeing will be computer generated.

Jim Hill has run a few pieces over the last several months -

walterworld said...

RE the subs: I'm surprised to see that through all the years and the recent major overhaul, the original signal/flag mast is still standing at the end of the outer dock platform...glad to see it survive in situ.

And I liked the pic of the Skyway sign, a nice study of the before-and-after. When I'm at DL in June I'll go behind the chain and recreate the Friday pic from the original spot. Should be quite a change since nearly everything in the rest of the view has changed save for the sign and the stairs to Casey Junior.

Thanks for another great post!