Thursday, January 26, 2023

Cameras at Rainbow Ridge

Image #1 for today was taken from Disneyland’s Mark Twain riverboat and features a lovely panorama shot of the quaint mining town of Rainbow Ridge. This detailed show really illustrates the power of forced perspective. When you see the workers next to the buildings at the top of the town, you realize just how small they are. 

In this second image from the same batch, Sheriff Lucky guards over the Nature’s Wonderland attraction, keeping guests safe from that nasty bandit, Black Bart.

It appears that there was some professional filming going on at the time this photo was taken:

Panning to the right, an early example of graffiti, giving a shout-out to Pecos Bill.

This previously posted image shows another photo opportunity in the works at Rainbow Ridge, with some camera equipment that is a bit less spectacular!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing to see the hill above Rainbow Ridge so stark. 20 years later, it was forest and a picnic table was placed there to take breaks or lunch. It was a nice experience to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Park in private. Simply magical. KS

Darryl said...

Cast Member maintenance workers out in plain sight? Bad show! It appears the last photo shows a photographer filming a younger photographer. And I would imagine the Mineral Hall sign "Blacklight Corp of America" refers to the rainbow cavern effects?

Daveland said...

Darryl - In the early days, from looking at my vintage photos, "bad show" occurred frequently, as I would imagine there were a number of issues that were new territory for the crew. Mineral Hall had a blacklight display of the rocks, thus the sponsorship sign.

Daveland said...

KS - Are you trying to make me jealous? picnic at Rainbow Ridge!!

Anonymous said...

Dave...Wasn't my intent but at least you can share the thought! What a great way to enjoy the cool of a hot day among the pines pretty much in private while hearing the sounds of the Park surround you. KS

Anonymous said...

BTW...that last shot had to have been posed and approved. That's totally non SOP with guests across the tracks and the cameraman on the track side of the fence. But again, back in the mid 50s when we assumed people had common sense and would take personal responsibility...well...who knows? KS