Friday, November 05, 2021

Frontierland Friday!

It’s 1956, and Black Bart is in Disneyland’s Frontierland hamming it up for the cameras. The lady on the left with her hand on the hip does not seem amused.

I am guessing Unamused Lady took this next image of her Honey, who was apparently more into being in front of the camera than she was. Note the storybook-style map in the background touting the new Rainbow Cavern Mine Train attraction.

While seeing a gun pointed at a guest these days can be jarring in light of recent circumstances, back in 1956 it was all safe fun and part of the show.

Even more jarring is this guy’s long hair. To think that Walt allowed it is incredible. Must be because Black Bart was supposed to be a bad guy.

This particular lady found him charming. Or maybe she thought a little luck from the Ace of Spades in his hat would rub off on her.

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Fifthrider said...

Now that you mention it, there's the facial hair too. I recall about 15 years ago Disneyland at a very good impersonator of Captain Jack Sparrow, right down to the beard and mustache. Costuming made him shave it off and put on an adhesive one because it was company policy. LOL. What BS. Anyhow, since you mentioned the long hair it kind of highlights that he had a real mustache and beard too. I think that's brilliant and just goes to show that Walt understood certain roles simply required that. Maybe the average cast member should shave and maintain specific grooming but when you have an actor playing a sheriff or a bad guy it goes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has a name of the CM that played the Black Bart character. Seems like everyone back in the mid-late 50s was out playing with their toy included. How innocent a time it was. KS

Anonymous said...

Behind Black Bark, you can see the cowboy Eddie Adamak selling his trick ropes.

Fifthrider said...

@KS - According to Dave's research it was probably Noah “Dick” Morrison unless someone can locate otherwise. -->

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fifthrider! KS