Monday, June 29, 2020

Central Plaza Details

The first view from today shows Central Plaza in 1956. Yes, the kids are adorable, but I love that “Be A Fireman” sign!

This shot of the Omnibus at the base of Snow Hill (which would eventually become The Matterhorn) also shows the House of the Future. I believe this shot is from December 1957. Construction of the House of the Future didn’t start until January 1957, and the other shots from this batch show Christmas decor.

Two gents survey Disneyland from Snow Hill...without the Snow.

Look at the crowd of folks near the House of the Future! And of course the little boy in the Tom Sawyer hat.

From the same batch as the previous photo we move over to Tomorrowland to see the ever popular Clock of the World.

Now a closer look (as always):

Besides the nuns, check out the Noel decor on front of the Hall of Chemistry and the Kaiser Aluminum sign. This is the first time I’d noticed that sign; checking my collection though, I realized I have a color shot of it!

See more Disneyland Tomorrowland photos at my main website.


Nanook said...

Extra points for one of the young, 'future firemen' going shirtless. And extra, extra points for a shot of Snow Hill.

(I wonder how Monsanto celebrates Christmas, besides erecting a NOEL banner-?)

Anonymous said...

I will never understand the Clock of the World, but it looks like a great cocktail shaker.

Thanks for the great pics, Dave.