Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Georgian Terrace Hotel, Pt. 2

Back at the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta…my room was on the 17th floor.

It was easy to see that this had once been used as an apartment building (during the 1991-1997), as the room itself was quite spacious. The decor included a tightly cropped vintage photo of a headless woman speaking into a number of radio microphones. I knew immediately that it was Margaret Mitchell, author of “Gone with the Wind” on the night of the Atlanta premiere in 1939.

The living room, complete with writing desk:

Even a dressing room was included in this suite:

The bathroom had been modernized, so unfortunately my love for vintage tile was unfulfilled here.

The balcony off the living room provided a lovely view…well, that might be a little strong. Let’s just say it was a view. Peeping into other people’s apartments can be a bit creepy. Or “spooky” as Dame Edna would have said.

A view of the modern spiral tower facing down from the 17th floor:

You can see the historic Fox Theatre below, distinguishable from its Moroccan domes:

The view at night:

There was a rooftop pool, which unfortunately I did not have time to use since I only stayed one night and my flight home was at the crack of dawn.

A well-appointed fitness center:

And back to the main level, where my tile obsession was somewhat quenched!

Still more photos of the Georgian Terrace to come!

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Fifthrider said...

While I'm sorry the Vintage tile is removed from the bathroom, I have to admit that's a pretty Snappy looking new bathroom. So spacious. For a city skyline view, that's not a bad one. I have to admit though, there's no way I could look down that spiral Tower without leaning over the railing and jokingly yelling "AaAaAggghh!" I wonder how many visitors besides you would have known that was Margaret Mitchell of all people. Only those that are historically astute.