Friday, January 14, 2022

Hoover Dam, January 1959

While I find the Hoover Dam extremely cool, it has never been on my bucket list of “must sees,” although I suppose if I ever find myself in Vegas again, I would probably attempt to detour over to view it. Still, I have a fairly decent collection of vintage images of this historic landmark that was named after President Herbert Hoover. It seems that many who traveled to Disneyland back in the day also stopped by the Dam. These January 1959 images are shown in sequential order. Duh. As if I could present them in any other way.

I would be curious to hear from readers if this area today still looks about the same.

I wonder if the structure itself is still sound or how much repair work has had to be done over the years?

Looking at these makes me feel a little stupid for never having gone here, as its 1930s art deco stylings are right up my alley.

See more vintage Hoover Dam photos at my main website.


JG said...

Dave, these are nice pictures of the dam.

My Dad took us to the desert often for family trips, Las Vegas was a common destination even though my parents weren't gamblers. He liked the country and the lodging subsidized by the gambling.

We made several trips down to the dam. I remember at least twice we had the guided tour, which was fascinating, including a trip through the generator building and a walk out on to the lower deck area shown in today's photos. That shot can't be replicated today since the tours are no longer given due to terrorism concerns. These were probably between 66-69.

My last visit was in 2005 or 06, not sure exactly, and the dam looks very much like these pictures still. A parking garage and a nicely designed visitor center/museum has been added uphill on the Nevada side, but the AZ side is still as it is shown here.

The awe-inspiring Pat Tillman bridge now spans Black Canyon about a mile downstream and provides a highway bypass so through traffic no longer crosses the dam. This bridge was under construction when we visited so I have only seen pictures of it complete.

Thanks for posting these. I know we took photos of those trips, but they are long gone. These are fine substitutes.


Ed said...


I live near the dam, and, aside from the changes JG stated in his post, the dam looks the same. Unfortunately, however, the water level is now much lower than in the pictures. It is a sign of the ongoing drought.

One cool option that is worth doing if you ever find yourself at the dam, people are allowed to walk out on the Pat Tillman bridge. From that perspective you get a great view of the face of the dam. However, not advised if you have a fear of heights.

Daveland said...

Hi JG & Ed - Thank you SO much for all the updated info! I really do need to go there.