Friday, October 09, 2015

Daveland Behind The Scenes

I had worked with Keith Kirkwood, 2013 #6 Maxim Magazine Sexiest Man In The World, MMA Champion, and Movie/TV Producer a few months ago; when he needed a few shots to submit to a magazine he reached out to me. It just so happened I was going to be meeting some friends up in Hollywood so the stars aligned perfectly and I was able to squeeze a shoot in.

My friend Helen from St. Louis had flown in, and she had no problem hanging out on the sidelines while I was working, especially since Keith is so easy on the eyes. However, she couldn't just sit still. She decided to document what was going on.

A closeup shot can hide a lot…

why bother with shoes?

Behind the shoot…

and the result:

While Keith changed outfits, Helen took a selfie:

Back to work:

The sunset over Sunset Boulevard made for a beautiful backdrop:

Helen even found herself playing a guest role in the shoot:

It shouldn't be long before she gets discovered.

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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Debbie and Eddie on Main Street

On Opening Day at Disneyland, July 17, 1955, Walt visits with America's Sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds and then hubby Eddie Fisher.

Note the strategically placed promo for Coca Cola. Yup…even in the 1950's there was product placement.

Debbie seemed to be going for a rustic look with her thatched hat and homemade snack tin. I hope she wasn't bringing snacks INTO the park!

Four years later, Eddie had dumped Debbie for Elizabeth Taylor and returned to the Park. America lost interest in Eddie the snake and so did Liz.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Alla and The Lonely Heart

Across the street from my beloved Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard once stood the Garden of Allah Hotel. Consisting of a main house and villas, this lovely complex was torn down to make way for a strip mall. Here in this vintage photo from September 10, 1940 we can see the hotel behind its namesake (whose name had no "h"). From the accompanying publicity blurb:

Conferring on the radio script for "This Lonely Heart" beside the pool at The Garden of Allah in Hollywood, are Arch Oboler, writer-director-producer of Everyman's Theatre and Alla Nazimova, internationally famous star. Oboler's forthcoming dramatic series for Proctor and Gamble will make its debut on the NBC-Red Netowkr October 4 with Nazimova as the first guest star. Gordon Jenkins, whom Oboler has chosen as musical director of the series, will lead a symphony orchestra composed of members of the Los Angeles Symphony in the Tschaikowsky music, which serves as the musical background for "The Lonely Heart."

If you want to see the proposed Frank Gehry ginormous structure that might replace the strip mall, check out Curbed LA. There goes the view, Sunset Boulevard neighbors!

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