Tuesday, March 03, 2015

House of the Future Mystery

It saves me a lot of research time when my slides are date stamped. This particular Kodak slide was stamped December 1967. I thought it was so cool to see the construction of "New" Tomorrowland going on around the Monsanto House of the Future. Somehow, the plastic marvel defied the odds and proved to be a problem when the wrecking ball just bounced off the exterior. According to Disney lore, the Monsanto House of the Future took 2 weeks to demolish.

When I looked up the date of "New" Tomorrowland's debut, I was reminded that it was July 2, 1967. This means that whoever took this photo waited an awful long time to develop it. Still, this is probably one of the last shots taken of the durable Home of the Future. Looking in the window, it appears that even though the sign out front has been dismantled, the interior is still furnished.

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Monday, March 02, 2015

Main Street Train Station Details

At first glance, these photos may seem like your typical vintage Disneyland entrance photos. But then…I do my signature zoom. Here, we can see that attendance at the Anaheim park has hit 5,000,000. Although this shot is undated, thanks to the number we can narrow it down to 1957/1958. And who doesn't enjoy seeing the Kalamazoo Handcar up close?!?

From the same batch, this shot looks almost identical:

except it provides a view of the Disneyland flag waving over the station:

It's harder to find shots of this side of the Main Street Train Station. Once guest are done taking photos in front of the Mickey Floral and they cross under the station, they are typically focused on getting to the attractions in the park, not hanging out at the Train Station.

Zooming in shows a rarely seen vintage Santa Fe poster:

This entrance shot from August 1961 has a lot going on.

First, we see a man who looks like a farmer picking up what appears to be a produce box. What's the back story on this one? Heck if I know.

When I zoomed in to look at the prices at the ticket booth I saw what appears to be a Harvey Girl:

Compare with this shot of Judy Garland dressed as a Harvey Girl in the 1946 movie of the same name:

This October 1959 shot yields a few fun details as well.

Something about this worker's setup just doesn't seem safe!

The Timex clock in the tower is getting a bit of work done:

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Sunday, March 01, 2015

More Monorail-mania!

Although I still love riding the Monorail, there is something about the original sleek design that the current one can't hold a candle to. Here's how it looked only a few months out of the gate, circa October 1959. I really miss the cool bubble up top. Anybody out there know why they got rid of it?

Best known for its red color, the yellow is pretty impressive, too, as seen in this October 1962 image:

Zooming in to see the Monorail name and tire tread design from the Yacht Bar below:

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