Monday, March 30, 2015

1970s Skyway Journey

Soar with me over Disneyland via this series of 1970s images taken from the Skyway. Beginning in Tomorrowland, our square-shaped bucket sails towards the Matterhorn, which at one time had two holes to accommodate the Skyway.

We are now within the Matterhorn; oh if we could only get out and take photos!

Zooming in for a look at Skull Rock Cove, which appears to have the falls turned off.

Sunshine on the other side as we approach the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship Restaurant.

This closeup reveals that yes, there is construction work occurring in this area.

So glad this 1970s photographer took all of these consecutive shots.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Mink in Watts

I can just picture; February 1964. Millicent and her husband Harold are out for a Sunday drive. They make a wrong turn and find themselves in Watts. Looking through the front window, Millicent sees the uniquely magnificent Towers in front of her. "Pull the car over, Harold!" Clutching her fur wrap, she poses in front of the entrance sign.

Zooming in for the signage:

I am loving the contrast of a Sunday-best clad Millicent roaming through the informal yet magnificent Watts Towers.

Something about the old vs. new, the establishment vs. the rebels. And yes, Simon Rodia was definitely a rebel for being able to conceive such a cool piece of art and then seeing its construction through, despite all of the hurdles thrown at him by the City of Los Angeles.

Millicent's visit occurred one year before Rodia passed away.

As a bonus, I am throwing in this November 1962 vintage image of the Towers from a totally unrelated visit.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fred's 57th Anniversary

Today's post honors the 57th anniversary of The Fred Gurley locomotive, whose namesake was President of the Santa Fe Railway from 1944–1957. Along with Walt, the two were responsible for the initial sponsorship of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad in 1955. In this September 1958 photo, the 2-4-4T Forney locomotive built in 1895 at Baldwin Locomotive Works is shown pulling into the station.

Another early shot, this one is from August 1958:

How about a balloon to celebrate today?

Flash forward to 2015, although it has a somewhat different paint job, it's still taking guests around the Park on a Grand Circle Tour.

A few from 2013; probably my favorite shots of The Gurley.

Happy Birthday Fred—long may you live!

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