Thursday, August 25, 2016

Storyland in New Orleans

I still have a number of posts sitting in the queue from trips long ago, like this one about Storyland in New Orleans from over a year ago. I had never heard of this section of City Park until the Executive Director at UCDA clued me into it. What a kitschy gem this place turned out to be! At the entrance you find no less than Humpty Dumpty himself!

While it may lack the sophistication and polish of a Disney Park, it is every bit as charming, and judging by the plethora of happy squealing kids running through while I was there, it was just as entertaining. In fact, maybe even a little more so because of its simplicity and the ability to interact with fewer rules and regulations.

You can climb aboard Peter Pan/Captain Hook's pirate ship yourself, and see them forever frozen in a duel high up in the crow's nest:

This fortress/castle makes a beautiful centerpiece to the park:

Some of the characters in Storyland are patterned after the Disney interpretations; some are less obvious, like this tribute to the Little Mermaid:

The cottage of the Seven Dwarfs:

Snow White:

Her "makeup" has seen better days:

Inside this little structure, it would appear that the artists of Storyland are much less worried about the reaches of the Mouse's attorneys. These paintings of the characters from Alice in Wonderland are spot-on to their Disney counterparts.


Cute to see Jack in the Beanstalk on an actual fence:

Grandma's House:

The frightful sight you see when you open her door!

This is the cow that stepped over the moon.

Loved this dragon slide; it took a long time to get this shot without the tiny little varmints who were gleefully playing here.

The permanent home of Three Little Pigs:

The pigs themselves:

The home of brick (complete with the Big Bad Wolf about to get burned up in the chimney!):

The house of wood:

and the house of straw:

Mother Goose watches over the proceedings from overhead:

Not too far from the old woman who lived in the shoe:

There's even a Monster here:

Complete with Pinocchio (still in puppet form) sitting on top:

While this place may not exactly be compliant with all the rules that the Mouse House adheres too, it is still a very cool place for the young and young at heart.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MORE Gems from Disneyland August 1961

A few more from the August 1961 collection of vintage Disneyland images, starting off with a shot of the Fred Gurley. It's always fun to get a closer look at the cast members of yore.

Our 1961 photographer seemed to like Adventureland and the decor at the entrance.

I had to get a better look at the mask at the top of the entrance sign:

I am in Tiki heaven with this shot:

After admiring the tiki statue my eyes went right towards the signage:

Before moving on to other adventures, the photographer shot one more in this area:

This one was dubbed: "The Castle Fairyland." Well...close.

This double exposed shot is still lots of fun.

How about that TWA bag; wonder if she was a stewardess. Oh, excuse me...flight attendant.

From the Skyway bucket we have this view of Cinderella's Castle from the Storybook Land attraction:

A closer look at the village below:

This inscription on the slide has me intrigued: "Riverboat ride even served mint juleps on the ride." Anyone out there remember beverages being served aboard the Twain?

Another shot of the Twain taken from dry land:

Zooming in to the raft that transported guests to Tom Sawyer's Island:

This one was labeled: "Indian camps along river on the riverboat ride."

This closeup is all about the signage, not the stroller.

A shot from the dock of the Jungle Cruise:

Zooming in we can see that it's the Congo Queen:

This one was labeled: "Jungle ride was so dark!"

Hope you enjoyed this amazing set of vintage images from 1961! More vintage (and current!) Disneyland photos at my main website.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sowden House Shoot, Pt. 2

Wanting to get the most out of my visit inside the Sowden House, I decided to shoot a few models rather than just have a set of stark interior shots. Wearing clothes from Ron Tomson, I worked with Daniel Sobieray (you might recall him from my Ghostbusters shoot) and Kamy Bruder. Both of them fit right into their surroundings and did a fantastic job.

My good friend Marlene was also long, working hard as my assistant and capturing (unbeknownst to me for the most part) some behind the scenes shots on her cell phone. Most people probably don't realize how physical you need to get during a photo shoot: standing on top of furniture, climbing ladders, straddling a bathtub (true)...all in the name of getting a good shot. It was fun matching up the result with the ones that Marlene took.

Posing by a giganormous fish tank and looking suave. What most people do in their home.

Can't wear shoes when climbing furniture. At least not in this place.

Daniel is mentally figuring out how many gigs he needs to get to pay for this pile of Mayan block.

He even makes an entrance into the bathroom.

Kamy modeling his Ron Tomson suit:

Is that scotch in his glass or whiskey? Only Kamy and I know what it really was.

Kamy suggested this Godfather-like pose in the dining room:

A few more of my favorites from the shoot:

Because of the lighting, I was not happy with this shot. However, desaturating all the color gave me an awesome black and white.

Marlene laughs while I squat to get just the right angle of the courtyard. Glad I could entertain.

Towards the end of the shoot I was pretty tired. Judging by this photo I was also a little cranky.

As long as the final shot is what I am looking for, all is good.

Daniel takes a selfie while Kamy is behind the lens.

No surprise that I would want a few shots of myself to prove that I was here, too. Matt of Tours Departing Daily shot this one.

Marlene and I look right at home.

A solo shot for Marlene:

A group shot at the end of the shoot. Me, Kamy, Amanda Kruger, Michaela & Matt of Tours Departing Daily, and Marlene. That four hours flew by quickly.

And how Marlene and I celebrated when we got back to the Chateau Marmont:

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