Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fantasyland, April 1973, Pt. 1

A few images of Fantasyland from the Polyester Decade, beginning with a shot of the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride attraction exit. Who cares if the guests are blurry? The fabulous painted door is razor sharp!

Over on King Arthur's Carrousel, junior looks a little wary about riding on one of the horses.

Dad obviously has no issues, but the crying little boy is probably hiding his head in shame.

He seems much happier with mom on Dumbo.

Happy Birthday today to James Marsden, aka Prince Edward from "Enchanted."

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Arcturus

Daveland has just upgraded its collection! Today, I can present a beautifully sparkling color shot of the Arcturus Astrojet from March 1964. Previously, my best shot of it was this Black and White image:

Just because I know this question will come up today, here's the answer: Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere and is part of the constellation Boötes. In ancient Greek, the name means "Guardian of the Bear." Prehistoric Polynesian navigators knew Arcturus as Hōkūleʻa, the "Star of Joy." Arcturus became famous in the US when its light was used to open the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

Are you feeling just a little bit smarter today?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Clock of the World and Tomorrowland Signage

This image from approximately 1957/1958 shows the entrance to the original Tomorrowland and the iconic Clock of the World. I can't just stop there, though. You know I have to zoom in and pore over all the details.

Check out the outfits. By looking at this detailed area, we can tell it must have been a hot day. The one lady in the center is attempting to shield her head with the Sleeping Beauty Diorama Souvenir Booklet. The lady in the back appears to be wearing a black straw hat with flowers, similar to Mary Poppins. The little boy on the left in the Colonial Hat seems to be doing some kind of rope trick. I also enjoy perusing the signage, and seeing all of the attractions/sponsors/exhibits that are no more.

The cover of the Diorama Booklet:

Which you could get here:

and a closeup of the ticket signage:

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Carlsbad Beach Wedding

Despite living in San Diego for the last 15 years, this weekend marked my very first beach wedding! The groom is a coworker of mine, and his beautiful bride is pretty much the most adorable (and fun) person you would care to meet. So often, meeting a good friend's significant other can be a cringe-worthy moment; not with these two. They are well-matched and always have a great time at whatever they do.

The afternoon wedding was a scorcher; bottled water was distributed to the guests. Still, it was a lovely ceremony.

Keeping up with technology, the couple had a drone do a flyover to capture the momentous day:

The ceremony also included a blending of wines, to represent the couple and how they would be joining in life while still retaining their individuality.

A truly lovely symbol of what marriage should be.

The exchanging of rings:

and the moment when they are finally husband and wife!

The beach got a little hotter with their first steamy kiss.

The reception was held at the nearby Levyland Estate, just a few steps from the beach where the ceremony was held.

The couple was very creative and I loved how they let people know what table they were sitting at.

The kitchen was a beehive of activity for the caterer, Wild Thyme.

Vintage bottles from the family business were at each table:

Wine bottles served as table number displays:

The opening course: a tasty salad.

The first dance was a joy to watch, as the two impressed everyone with their steps.

Nope, he didn't drop her.

An "awwwww" moment during the dance with his mother:

The cutting of the cake:

There was no smearing of the frosting on each other's face, but it was still adorable.

What a lovely ceremony; here's hoping the unseasonable scorching temperatures of San Diego don't follow the two on their honeymoon!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy Birthday, Claudette!

Today marks what would have been the 111th birthday of Claudette Colbert, one of the best leading ladies from the Golden Age of Hollywood…or just about any age!

Here she is with Clark Gable in the film that won her an Oscar for 1934, "It Happened One Night."

In 1944, she starred in David Selznick's blockbuster WWII drama, "Since You Went Away." Playing a wife and mother with two daughters, she anchored the film with her believable portrayal of a woman wondering if her husband would return home alive from his service in the war.

Did You Know Dept.: Colbert was the original choice for the Margo Channing role in "All About Eve." Producer Joseph L. Mankiewicz picked her because she best represented the style he envisioned for the part. Plans changed when Colbert severely injured her back, which paved the way for Bette Davis' role of a lifetime. Colbert later quipped, "I just never had the luck to play bitches."

Colbert's last role was as the matriarch in "The Two Mrs Grenvilles."

Colbert won a Golden Globe and received an Emmy nomination. She held her own against the more flashy and eye-catching Ann-Margret, who played her daughter-in-law.

Last tidbits: her nickname was "The Fretting Frog," and she only liked to be photographed on one side. She strongly felt the other was not photogenic!

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