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May 1964: A 60th Celebration!

Today’s post celebrates May 1964 with every cotton-picking shot from my collection (so far) from that time period. Although they were shot by different guests and on different days, I have cobbled them together to give an overall feeling of what a day might have been like at Disneyland circa May 1964. The first image shows guests on the hotel tram, either on the way to the Park or departing; this could be a departing shot as the one boy has a rather large bag at this point in the day. Below, a happy little guest meets Pinocchio AND Pluto at the entrance!

“Balloons? How the heck would I hold those with this gigantic purse with fake fruit on front?”

Town Square, as seen from the Main Street Train Station:

On this particular day, the Park was welcoming Marine Corps Families.

Mickey Mouse was greeting guests outside the Main Street Opera House; inside, you could also see the Babes in Toyland exhibit.

So much Main Street to see!

The Book and Candle Shop or the Candy Palace? Something for everyone!

At the Cinema, you could watch “The Phantom of the Opera” with Lon Chaney or a Will Rogers western. If you’re not into silent movies, perhaps a new trick at the Magic Shop is what you need.

Over at the Plaza Inn, the little kids get their calcium, wishing they were on the attractions instead.

At least it’s not spinach.

Finally, the Castle!

The crest has not yet appeared above the Castle entrance as of May 1964.

Anyone know what the G stands for? These boys look a little nervous about flying off to Neverland.

Aw…a Carrousel moment.

How that same horse looked in March 2012:

I’ll say it again…Skull Rock Cove is one of the things I miss most at Disneyland.

The Midget Autopia:

Such a great vintage image: The Skyway, The Matterhorn, and the Monorail all in one shot…and kind of the Submarines, too.

This fun group gets ready for a jerky ride on the Matterhorn. Note fruit/flower purse gal is attempting to secure her treasured bag.

Fruit/flower purse gal can’t wait to get off. She’s had enough!

A closer look at this amazing contraption. Oh, and the Cast Member uniform, too!

The regular Autopia in glorious color!

Before there was Buzz Lightyear, there was the Circarama Theatre!

Purse gal is back at the Enchanted Tiki Room. I wonder if she tried to steal some of the fruit from Rongo for her purse?

Those shifty eyes and the cat-eye glasses say “yes.”

How Rongo looked in December 2016:

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse was a great place for family exploration:

A panoramic view of the Nature's Wonderland attraction from either the Twain or the Columbia:

A closeup of the Frontierland Ticket Booth:

A detailed shot of the Mine Train:

Note the security guard in the front:

Here you can see the Mine Train, Mineral Hall, and seating for Casa de Fritos:

Time to leave. Fruit/Flower Purse gal is totally honked off. She got talked into buying balloons and she can barely see in front of her. Her friend is doing the best she can to make the best of a long day.

To finish off today’s post, here’s a photo from 60 years ago today.

Wow. How did that happen so quickly? See more Disneyland photos from my collection at my main website.


Lou and Sue said...

Happy Birthday, Dave!
I was in Disneyland in May 1964–so thanks for the pictures and memories!

Nanook said...

What a great montage of Disneyland. Add another vote for the passing of Skull Rock. (And as long as I'm at it: the Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland and Mineral Hall-!) Although Mineral Hall closed in December of 1962, as we can see, the signage remained for some time.

My mom had a 'similarly-themed' purse, but not nearly as ostentatious... thankfully.

Thanks for compiling all these images - and Happy Birthday.

Fifthrider said...


Kyle said...

Hey Dave! Great post & awesome pics! Such a nice variety, in both b&w and color. I do find that basket/purse totally over the top; doesn't look very comfortable to carry, either. I prefer the black clutch her friend is carrying.

I realize I'm a day late but a belated Happy Birthday to you, sir!! Wishing you all the best on this milestone birthday which, quite frankly, you don't even look like you should be having yet. Also, nice touch to post your baby picture, being only hours old. If you're spending your time in your happy place, which I suspect you are, then you're definitely having fun. Thanks again for all your awesome posts & all the time and love that you put into it. I certainly appreciate and enjoy them! Sorry for the long comment! Take care! 😁🎂🎁

Anonymous said...

Better late than never! A hearty Happy Birthday Dave. A nice montage of the way things were...including that last shot! KS

Daveland said...

Sue - It was kismet that eventually we would connect!

Nanook - I think my mom had one of those purses, too. I guess they were fairly trendy.

Thanks all for the birthday wishes - much appreciated!