Thursday, May 07, 2020

Castle Panorama, 1956

One big juicy panorama of Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle is what I present to you today. What do you see as you zoom in to this shot? I see a girl eating from a Disneyland box of popcorn; I see a woman in a fur stole; I see two little boys that may or may not be twins, yet Mom has dressed them up in matching outfits.

As a follow-up to my Sheriff/Badge posts, Disneyland slide collector supreme Bill Cotter graciously supplied this 1956 image of Disneyland’s nefarious villain, Black Bart, who appears to be lost in Central Plaza. Ready for a shoot-out, let’s hope everyone was safe as he made his way back to Frontierland!
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Fifthrider said...

Everyone dressed nicely, jackets even. Must not be a mid-July day when this was shot. I love those little picket fences, holding people out via the honor system. Today that sized fence would be an invitation to be stroller parking and public diaper changing.