Thursday, July 18, 2019

Palm Springs Renaissance

On a recent trip to Palm Springs to scout locations for future UCDA Conferences, the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel by Marriott was the destination. At first glance, the 1980s boxy-brown exterior did not impress. Even at night, there was no spectacular lighting to add that touch of “wow” that would have made a more positive impact.

But then...the lobby. It was almost like an entirely different hotel.

Sleek...chic...and a few whimsical touches.

This place won me over once I saw the green lights in the floor. For real. Emerald green. My favorite color.

Hallways to the convention rooms were spacious and well appointed with art.

Interesting art pieces were also found throughout the hallways of the guest floors.

And the! No, this is not a typical room, but rather the Governor’s Suite. And it was INCREDIBLE.

Two stories of wow. Yes, I said "wow" before and I'll say it again.

I was ready to move in. And the comfortable bed...zzzzzz...

A great spot for reading before bedtime!

Regardless of the side of the hotel you are on, you’re going to get spectacular views:

For those who suffer allergies, “pure” rooms free of fragrances and other allergens are also offered.

Amenities? No problem! The fitness center is fantastic!

Headed to Palm Springs? Be sure to check out the Renaissance, which is just a few blocks from the main drag of Palm Springs. Restaurants, museums, and more just down the street.

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Fifthrider said...

Phenomenal. So weird to see the reverse of what I'm used to which is "great sign, but the rest is mediocre." Great pics. Thanks.