Friday, June 14, 2019

Flag Day at Disneyland

What better way to celebrate Flag Day than with these vintage images of the daily ceremony held at Disneyland's Town Square? This first photo is from 1958. Note how reverent guests are as the two flags are lowered.

This next quartet of sequential images are from April 1960. The Disneyland Band, led by Vesey Walker, heads towards their Town Square destination.

The band assembles around the flag for a few patriotic tunes:

The flags being lowered:

After folding them into triangles, Disneyland Security stores them away until the next day.

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Matthew said...

What a wonderful photo montage for Flag Day! Whenever I take friends to Disneyland I always take them to the flag ceremony if possible. It is Standard Operating Procedure to stop your vehicles (motor or horse-drawn) on Main Street and step out and stand to respect the lowering of the flags. Happy Flag Day everyone. God (we pray, please continue to) bless America.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Grant said...

The photo of the band around the flag pole brought back memories. Sometimes Vesey Walker would pick a child out of the crowd, hand them his baton and let them lead the band, which the girl wearing the plaid dress in the photo is doing. I was lucky enough to be selected a few times myself. (Of course I had an in since Vesey was my neighbor and new me. *smiles*)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoyed seeing or hearing the flag ceremony while working at Hills Bros. A little bit of tradition that still happens today that few even know about or watch for that matter. KS

Anonymous said...

Call for the "Colors".

Thanks Dave.


Unknown said...

I love Grant's observation that Vesey has handed the baton to that little girl! Great eye and a great detail!

Thank you, Dave!