Friday, December 09, 2022

TGIF: New Orleans Square, Circa 1979

Where better to celebrate TGIF than Disneyland’s New Orleans Square? This batch of 1979 images focuses on my favorite area of the Park. This lovely young lady is being entertained by the Royal Street Bachelors. This was back when the One Of A Kind shop was part of the shopping experience.

A little peek inside at the vintage treasurers that awaited guests:

Another shot of the Royal Street Bachelors, without photobombers:

Another smiling guest:

A rare vintage interior view of the Blue Bayou restaurant, taken by a guest while riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction:

…which provides the perfect segue to the next portion of our 1979 tour. This image shows not only the Wicked Wench, but what the POTC boats looked like in 1979:

A closer view of the Wicked Wench:

A detailed view:

Ah, the treasure…how many guests have attempted to purloin a souvenir from this tableau?

Poor Carlos…the eternal dunking.

Our 1979 photographer ignored the red-headed wench and instead, focused on the auctioneer and the stout maiden that was currently up for bid:

These cats want food…not booze.

Will they ever get out? I’m surprised Governor Newsom hasn’t pardoned them with the rest of the people released early in the California prison system.

Our lovely young guest is back, this time in front of the Mansion:

…and closer:

…closer again:

…and as close as we’re going to get. No interior shots from this batch. Sigh.

I am sure most Disneyland fanatics have seen the tragic news of the man who committed suicide at the Park by jumping from the top of a parking garage. He left behind a lengthy explanatory “note” on social media detailing why he took this action (a damaging public accusation by his wife against him that caused him to be put on leave from his job). It is not my place to determine what is true and what is not; but I what I want to focus on from his note is this sentence:

Please, please, please be kind to one another! Treat each other with kindness and grace. There is too much anger in the world and people need to start treating each other better. What I’ve shared with you above is a prime example of how “anger” can really have long-lasting and extremely damaging effects on a person’s life.

Please read that again…especially before you decide to make judgment about what happened. Be kind. Those are wise words. And here’s another piece of advice: detach yourself from social media for awhile and let the ones you love know that you love them.

See more Disneyland New Orleans Square photos at my main website.


  1. Wow, that's a lot in one post. I really miss the One-of-a-Kind shop but feel grateful some relatives bought things from there. As a kid I always thought "Who would come to Disney to buy that?!" but as you get old you realize you absolutely would. Today's it's all plush and spirit jerseys.

    If not for your gallery, I would have never known the Blue Bayou interior was a representation of the former Plantation House. Before my time. Still cool to know.

    I've been through POTC as many times as the rest of you, but until my last trip in 2018 I never knew the jail cell had an opening at the other end. Here's these pirates trying to entice the dog when all they had to do was walk to the other end of the cell and exit through where the cannonball hit. ...or wait to be traded for a Russian arms dealer, or a WNBA player. Nowadays it's pretty easy to get out of prison for any felony, as long as you didn't misgender someone or evade paying taxes.

    Thank you for posting Chris Christensen's last words. Until now I'd never seen those. Most MSM articles only dwelled on his marriage, not his note or personal disposition. He'd been painted as a villain who jumped in front of children until now. I had to google his complete note. Thank you.

    Good luck out there everyone.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I must have missed the memo but such a sad ending. This is NO Square at its best. But as I seemed to have been taken with a flashbulb. And we asked guests...please no flash photography! KS