Monday, December 12, 2022

Mary's Murals For Monday

I’m all about alliteration with my blog post titles, so today it’s about the Mary Blair murals that once graced Tomorrowland. Part of the “New” Tomorrowland remodel from 1967, they are an incredible piece of art. Below is a detailed view from the undated images in today’s post:

Taken from the PeopleMover (remember dat?), you can see the same mural from a different angle (note the large GE logo in the background; corporate sponsorships are nothing new at the Park):

Besides showing off the details of the mural, you can see the PeopleMover in the background.

This October 1968 shows the Mary Blair mural that was on the opposite of Tomorrowland:

As you can see, these murals weren’t just about color and composition; they also featured textures that were probably lost upon the guests zipping by below (or above, if on the PeopleMover).

These other shots from an undated set have a vibrancy and energy that the Tomorrowland of today is sorely missing.

The Skyway, The Rocket Jets perched on high, The PeopleMover, The Rolly Crump stage…so much to see! More corporate sponsorships: Coca Cola and Goodyear:

A closeup of the loading/unloading area of the PeopleMover (for those who have always wondered what those crumbling/rotting tracks in Tomorrowland once were):

It is still hard to believe that the Disney Corporation removed/dismantled/covered up the Mary Blair murals. A moment of silence please…

See more Disneyland New Tomorrowland photos at my main website.


  1. Although I miss those murals now, at the time they felt out of place, as if a piece of Fantasyland had encroached into Tomorrowland for some reason. That aside, they were really cool to look at from the PeopleMover level as you passed by. I suspect we all miss that kinetic energy of things coming and going in Tomorrowland. Disney made a huge mistake as each change phased that out.

  2. Bryan - I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of Mary's style. I appreciate it, but like you, they did seem a bit out of place in Tomorrowland (Let the tar and feathering begin).

  3. Bryan4:20 PM

    Truth be told, neither did I. Today Mary and her artwork are celebrated, but back then I thought somebody put the artwork from a Little Golden Book or a Denny's menu on the walls of Tomorrowland. It was confusing.

  4. Gorgeous. Wish I could have seen them in situ.

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Happy to still see her work in the Contemporary Hotel at WDW. Now it is so's in style as mid-century modern. KS